Who We Are & What We Do

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    As staff, students and stakeholders, we are partners in student success, and proud members of the York University learning community. It is our goal to help students and staff find their unique path at York.


    • Deliver student services by supporting and advancing York’s core academic mission.
    • Work as partners in the student educational experience, and put students at the centre of our planning and decision-making.
    • Collaborate with stakeholders from the Keele and Glendon Campuses to recruit high-quality students.
    • Foster student success through engagement and inclusion.


    • See students thrive and succeed – academically, socially and personally.
    • Encourage students to become engaged learners.
    • Provide students with resources and support throughout the university to help them achieve their goals.

  • Feedback

    How are we doing? Give us feedback about how we could better support your learning and development at vpstdnts@yorku.ca.